All Natural Foods
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    Our passions are
    nature and tradition.

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    Our commitment is
    preserving and delivering
    the best of nature’s
    flavours and aromas.

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    Our mission is pure,
    natural fruit.


Our specialty is the additive-free processing, by drying, of fruit and vegetables. Our foremost priority is the preservation of fruit's innate goodness and nutritional value. In 2013 we established a leading edge processing plant to fulfil our uncompromising mission of delivering only the finest of nature's gifts to our customers. Honouring our customers’ needs to get only the very best out of nature and hence, help them achieve a truly healthy diet and lifestyle, is at the core of everything we do.


For us, we prize your confidence in the safety and quality of our products. The production process complies with the most stringent European quality standards (IFS and BRC). We are meticulous in ensuring the safety of production through our GMP, integrated control system: this safeguards that the production procedure's integrity is maintained throughout the different stages of the process. We also have HACCP certification and standards for food safety ISO 22000. The quality of our dried samples is regularly validated in the plant laboratory, as well as by an external, independently certified laboratory. Moreover, we can readily provide KOSHER and HALAL certificates.


Raw materials selection for meeting our high quality standards is a crucial part of the production process. We source exclusively from carefully screened, responsible plantations that adhere to Global GAP criteria for fruit growing. The recent drive towards higher consumption of organic products has been sustained though our partnerships with organic fruit farmers in Southern Europe. Before transfer to the dryer, we organoleptically control the quality of every single item of fruit.


  • without additives and preservatives
  • without citric acid
  • without ascorbic acid
  • without added sugar
  • without gluten
  • without added fats
  • without GMO ingredients


The dryer comprises an innovative closed system. Its design and construction involved a fusion of artisanal experience with modern technology. The drying process therefore delivers excellent results at temperatures far lower than the norm, efficiently removing the water whilst locking in the fruits’ flavour and nutritional values. This patented process retains the taste, texture and aroma of fresh fruit, whilst guaranteeing that it remains free of sugar, preservatives and additives.


To safeguard the competitiveness of our products, our innovative production plant, which has a capacity of 2,000 tons per year, can ably accommodate Private Label production requirements in terms of cut ring shapes and weight of packaging. We can also provide tailor-made solutions, which fully meet the requirements of the client.


To complete our technologically advanced service and hence, ensure that our clients receive premium quality dried fruit, we provide logistic and transport solutions for the whole of Europe. We guarantee first-class storage, distribution, conveyance, documentation, and delivery.

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